Greenday : Thailand’s Best Selling Crispy Fruit and Veggie Chips

Our Offer

Great natural tasting fruit and vegetable products

We have carefully developed and catered our products to meet customers’ needs in every market segment

Greenday Classics offers the best natural taste & nutrition of vegetable and fruits for the health-conscious consumers. No preservatives or MSG is used in our products, thanks to our advanced manufacturing technology.

Our Greenday Kids product range are made especially for mom and kids! With ZERO MSG or Preservatives added, children can enjoy a healthy mix of 5 different fruits and vegetables packed individually in colourful packaging

Greenday Fusions is a product for every health conscious snack lover. We have developed the products to meet a wide range of customer satisfaction by using Super Food vegetable with a variety of flavors as Laab, Wasabi flavor, Sour cream and Japanese sauce flavor.


Enjoy your snacks without having to worry about Fat and Calories like other chips out there! Choose Wisely, Choose Veggie Crisps from Greenday! Because our Veggie Crisps are only 50 Kcal, has no oil, High Fiber, Healthy and Tasty!!


Supporting Local Farmers

We help educate our local farmers & suppliers in sustainable farming techniques to avoid damaging the ecosystem. We also ensure that they get a higher income as a result for the growing demand for their produce.

Snacks for the whole family

Our products are great for the entire family! Snack on the go for the busy parent or as an healthy snack for the mom and kid! 

Tasty and Healthy Products

Get the best nature have to offer ! Our products are healthy (ZERO Gluten) but is also tasty as nature intended.

Naturally Processed and Preservatives-free

Our products retains 100% of their nutrients thanks to our advanced manufacturing process. We do not use any MSG or preservative!

Being Honest to our consumers

We treat you like our family and we are committed to make the best quality tasting products for all our customers! 


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